Setting up the Blog servers

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Only for the version (6b17)
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Setting up the Blog servers

Blogger Preference In the Server List

The server url is almost always: unless you uses other blog provider's service like Frontier. (any others people want to point out?)


Setting up a Blog account

Server Settings:

blogger server options

There are a few fields you have to fill out to blog from Mozilla.

Firstly, you need to fill in your username and password for your blogger account.

In the Miscellaneous Settings:

You can specify the number of old post you want to show up on the side pane to edit/delete or just read.

You are done! you can now blog from mozilla while surfing on the internet.

'Publicise my blog automatically' is an optional option. All it does is submit your site to to join a list of other site that have recently updated. Think of it as an free promotional tool. But if you have a private/secret site, you obviously don't want to let the world know your website. However currently we do not support publicise on site by site basis.


The mozblog project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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