Setting Up MozBlog

MozBlog User Manual

Only for the version (6b17)
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Setting Up MozBlog

discuss preference

In the Editor Setting

The first option allow you to turn on wordwrap in the source view.

The next option allow you to stripe <br> tags before sending the post off to blog service provider. This might or might not be desirable depending on your provider. If your provider automatically turns line break into <br> then turn this option on.

The last option allow you to use the edit the posts in html by default instead of WYSIWYG.

"Local Disk Setting"

Here you have to specify a folder  where you want to keep the local copy of all your blogs. This folder must be specified to enable MozBlog to be able to start blogging with MozBlog.


The mozblog project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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