Using MozBlog

MozBlog User Manual

Only for the version (6b17)
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Using MozBlog

A big screen shot to show off it's glory
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As you can see, you activate MozBlog through the View / Show/Hide menu and select ' MozBlog Bar' or press Alt + P.


Whats what

Once activated, you will see a toolbar, and a nice and big editor. On the toolbar there are a few things, lets go through them one by one from the left side.

  1. The Main Toolbar includeMozBlog Button
    1. The MozBlog button has a popup menu containing some links to the MozBlog web site so that you could access the site rapidly.
    2. The Edit button enable the edition of the post actually in the edit pane.
    3. The Publish button will post your writing to the blogger server and ask it to publish it for you. That is it will update your website.
    4. The Show Format Toolbar button will open the format bar for you  to add some formating to your post.
    5. The Go button will load the currently selected blog in the browser.
    6. The Synchronise button will synchronise the local copy with those on your blog server.
    7. Next we have a drop down box, which you can select the blog you want to post to, if you have multiple blog configured.
    8. The last button hide the MozBlog Bar if you are caught blogging during work :)
  2. The left vertical bar include
    1. The (normal) button will switch your source editor into a wysiwyg editor.
    2. The source (source) button will switch your wysiwyg editor into a source editor (and vice versa in source view)
    3. The (metadata) button will switch to the MetaData view.
    4. The (status) button will switch to the status view.
  3. The right panel include
    1. The New button will create a new empty port in your local folder.
    2. The Delete button will delete the currently selected post, use with care.
    3. The list box is where you select the post you want to edit or just see in the edit panel.

Source view

Source view mode

Mozblog has a source view so you can dig into the html source if you so desire. It might also be used as a scripting environment later on.


You can blog at anytime by activating the MozBlog Bar and type away. You can only format your text with bold and italic right now, but thats all the things most people use. Ops did I forgot something important? Oh links, yes.

Links are easy to create in mozilla. Just drag and drop from either the browser's location bar, or any link on the page when you found something that interest you. The latest version has a feature that makes linking easy. All you have to do is highlight a word(s) and then drag and drop a link from the browser to the editor window. The link will instantly be wrapped around the selected word(s). Simple and fun.

By default, a Local Notes account is available to create some HTML or simple text note on your local disk. These notes are independent from any Blog server. These can be used as a Web NotePad. Use the publish button to save a note. It's up to you to find it some other utility! :-)



formating blog option

MozBlog has a few more formating options. You can select your paragraph type, and create ordered/unordered lists in addition to <strong>, <em>, and images (the images function is still in alpha developement). More are planned, stay tunned. You can also spellcheck your post from this toolbar(Still broken in this release), great huh?

That's it for now folks.


The mozblog project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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